Machine Intelligence Unit

The objective of the Machine Intelligence Unit (MIU) is to carry out basic research concerning certain aspects of machine intelligence. Machine intelligence signifies the work associated with attempting to make a machine behave like human beings. In other words, it conveys the core concept of pattern recognition and machine learning with the advanced technologies like fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, fractal, rough sets. The investigation that is currently being done in MIU comprises both the development of these technologies individually and in an integrated (hybridization) manner, and demonstrating their effectiveness in solving various problems of pattern recognition, image processing, data mining, brain modeling, expert system, vision etc. related to the design of intelligent systems. Hybridization such as neuro-fuzzy, neuro-rough, neuro-fuzzy-genetic helps in making such systems artificially more intelligent. Note that these tools collectively constitute what is known as soft computing paradigm. They provide the theory of flexible information processing, which can deal with real life ambiguous situations in an efficient manner  like human beings, and therefore  form the basis of future generation computing systems.


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